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Dart board D.craft D craft electric board 501 electron dart board 501

2,980 yen (tax-excluded)

149 points ※Point 5 times

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Brand D.craft

★D.craft ElectricBoard501★

It is paripipo with electric board 501!

■Even beginner is super reliable!
We enter, and illustration to enjoy dart game more is belonging to instruction manual.

■We can enjoy even the situation alone
The computer play function deployment!
・(five phases of levels) cyber match up to eight play is possible
・We can choose game of 65 ways of 21 games.

■We bundle all necessary for game
・Two sets of darts (three *2 set)
・18 spare tips (expendable supplies: dart leader)
・Two screws (for board wearing) for installation
・Six pieces of flights (expendable supplies: feather region)

■Professional uses material using, too.
・We adopt flexible plastic material moderating shock/sonic boom of dart!
・As amount of hole of segment is equal to machine for duties, even beginner sticks
・Segment and gap of spider adopt structure that dart is hard to be flipped narrowly
We are doing!

Brain part of ElectricBoard501 which is usually paid under the board.
Function to be able to enjoy various games including sound/sound effects or liquid indication
There is.
・We choose CYBERMATCH ... computer play.
C1 "professional mode" C2 "semiprofessional mode" C3 "expert mode"
 C4 "advance mode" C5 "beginner mode"
・We set the PLAYER ... player number of people.
・When we choose GAME ... game, we use.
・We use for ON/OFF of POWER ... power supply.
・We use for start of START ... game and player change.
・We set double inn of DOUBLE ... zero one game, double out

Playing area: 13.2 inches
Size (cm): W38.5 X H44.5 X D2.9
Weight: About 980 g

■The dart board body
■Two sets of darts
■18 spare tips
■Two screws for installation
■Six pieces of flights
■Instruction manual

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    We are playing happily

    It is easy to use and is playing happily
    We think that igai and sound are quiet, and we do not have any problem so much, and sticking is made firmly

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    Very good

    There was not problem with shipment, packing either.
    We enjoy badly and use.
    In addition, we want to use if there are any opportunities.