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Dart TRiNiDAD MOMO Trinidadian arm supporter peach Shu peach player model

1,834 yen (tax-excluded)

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Product cord ac-tri-014-
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Arm supporter whom Shu peach player designed and supervised!
Chemical design which TRiNiDAD logo and logo of peach player entered.
We place letter of MOMO in background.
Yellow and two colors of black development.

It is kind to skin and uses milk fiber (milk fiber) superior in water absorptive humidity retention characteristics.
We reduce shaking of muscle and prevent dart elbow (※). It is supporter who is not tired even if we throw for a long time.

We give slipper processing inside of upper arm part.

※Symptom that we come to have a pain in elbow in long-time dart in "dart elbow" ... event and tournament

Material: 92% polyester (milk fiber), 8% spandex
Size: XS,S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL

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