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datsubarerujizu g' s dart ZACK BONE rucksack Vaughn Mayu Shikauchi model

9,819 yen (tax-excluded)

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Product cord ba-gsd-000-4580481011246
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Weight 20.0 g
Greatest dimension 6.8mm
Shape Straight
Type Soft dart
Full length 47.0mm
Material 90% of tungsten
Standard 2BA
Brand g' s darts

Very popular ZACK debuts by limited sale afresh.

Full length has a long 47.0mm and 4mm.

To length that is good so as to be able to wrap up barrel in the whole finger.

We put ring cut delta cut together complicatedly in grip area and, with easy grip, imaged batsu keyasukuo more naturally.

WEIGHT improves to 20 g.

By doing with 6.8mm slightly tightly, against that, finished greatest dimension in specifications to soften such a stress that just waved lightly, and left for target obediently.


Material: 90% of tungsten

Weight: 20.0 g

Length: 47.0mm

We pass very much: 6.8mm

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