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[with limited live card] Dart barrel target level reborn TARGET REBEL REBORN ALLURE Aki Tabuchi arua

9,445 yen (tax-excluded)

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Product cord ba-tgt-000-2010222005811
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Weight 20 g
Greatest dimension 7.0mm
Shape Straight
Full length 50.0mm
Material 90% of tungsten
Standard 2BA

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Tour pro model series "REBEL"……
We are dressed and are reborn newly……

Tungsten 90% of in earnest-oriented specifications barrel.
We match black functional coating with base, and high dart barrel of utility finishes opinion of tour pro

Of three professional tour PERFECT Women, it is Aki Tabuchi model.
Straight barrel in response to request of Tabuchi.
Based on radial groove, we cope with various grip positions.

Material: 90% of tungsten
Full length: 50.0mm 
Greatest dimension: 7.0mm
Barrel weight: 20 g

The Saturday, September 8, 2018 release

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