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Dart case TIGA SMART CASE X poputepipikkukorabotigasumatokesu

3,364 yen (tax-excluded)

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Product cord ca-tig-002-
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SMART X poputepipikku

The staff "may be popular if president, smart case of our company can print popu child and face of the pipi beauty!"

President "………"

The staff "does president hear?"

The president, "aa, I'm sorry. We thought about helmet shake Yano"

SMART DARTS CASE was reborn by their power!

The collaboration second with poputepipikku is dart case not dart.

It is the same without damaging flight in dart which has been set 160mm in total length or less

High-performance design, tip and articles, card and accessory such as shaft which we can store enter

ALL IN ONE type is the same, and face of popu child and the pipi beauty is treated in front and behind case, and it is pretty, stylish item.

We lick, and is it pu? No, we are serious. With this case which had attractiveness and utility,

Shall we go to do dart?

※For licensed product, number includes limit.

We treat face of the pipi beauty in the front on popu child, the back.

Color prepares red and two colors of orange.

As well as conventional smart case, we can just put dart away,

All-in-one type that we can store bits and bobs in together


Size: 175mm in height X fuku 140 X thickness (thinnest part) 35mm (most Atsushi part) 45mm

Color variations: Red orange

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