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Electronic board for dart board unicorn SMART BOARD unicorn smart board steal dart

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Brand unicorn

Product explanation

※We may see product image unlike color of real product by concerning shooting or used monitor or screen settings. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

By connecting exclusive application in Bluetooth, cope with scoring.
To board electronic dart board for high-quality conventional steal.

Six steal darts are attached, but work in all steel tip darts.
It is necessary for steal tip dart to magnetize to use with board.

We can choose exclusive application from eight kinds of games including game to challenge computer.
By instant scoring, we can play eight exciting games suitable for all ability levels.

By Bluetooth LE connection, UnicornSmartboard transmits score of every dart to Scorebuddy application of mobile and tablet device immediately.

We challenge ScorebuddyRobot whether UnicornSmartboard is suitable for all ability in player to eight or four players in uniform to test oneself.

※With measurement tape to measure height and standing position of board definitely.
※Three size AA batteries (other selling) are necessary.

※Product specifications of product page publication or package design, accessories may be changed without notice. After understanding, understanding, please order beforehand.

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