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Dart flight condor Ax revival standard (CONDOR AXE REVIVAL STANDARD) plain fabric transparence hard kon

1,255 yen (tax-excluded)

125 points ※Point 10 times

Product cord fl-con-039-
Shipment day indication 1-3 business days


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New choice of built-in flight CONDOR

It was a chance to develop firm CONDOR flight

We use special resin said to be new material of the 21st century

(surprisingly expensive resin)

Ultrathin specifications of 0.4mm

You taper feather part, and make thick part
We make it easy to flow through resin
In this AXE, all is 0.4mm
This is really Japanese craftsmen technology

The durability that is the far superior elasticity

Even if we crush with finger in this way
We completely keep 90 degrees and are restored
This is level to be impressed by

It is heavier than conventional CONDOR flight
It is not level to hold in hand, and to understand
We think that person whom it jumps out and can feel to be of dart comes

Comfortable sound that flight falls on
Yuki Yamada or PDC player Jose player
From partner player and other overseas players

"We let what that is good very much and touch a little" and

Flight that became in this is whomp

Impulse that we want to hit on the first, the second is great (laugh)

And by shaft having been tense
How to aim at different from the past is enabled
Conventional CONDOR makes use of characteristic of the softness
Good point that he/she gets luckily when we aim to pick up from the top
As there was, but AXE is hard; with gasha forcibly
We put and think that it becomes how to aim at aiming at from bottom
This leaves own hi biya yasoku; is not correct
As you think that there is, you compare by throwing, and please try

Clear of translucency that there is not so far
Clear of transparency that recommendation is considerably high!
It is super recommended to person who should not be able to see the first, the second well who stuck
To throw at 1 throw eye, 2 throw eyes which stuck
Black and white are good

The length of flight shape, the shaft
It is identical to conventional CONDOR

And this is true AXE! With thought called this
We put AXE logo in this improved version with sculpture

Flight shape: Standard
Shaft size: S/M/L
Color: Black white clear

※Patent pending※

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  • Evaluation

    T.R (man)

    Flying feels good with sound!

    To have usually used shape of other makers, but to buy AXE for a change; to local store. However! Only standard M has stock and purchases that unwillingly.
    We are also surprised if we use first of all. We fly to grow badly though it is standard!
    Sense that splashes shape of other makers! Posture of dart is blown off considerably well, too!
    There is no most suitable for about grouping. Kasha! We sound sound that tto is comfortable, and grouping is possible greedily.
    People who used shape in other manufacturers rather recommend this standard so far.
    Color likes black personally. Beautiful glossiness stands out even more.

  • Evaluation

    Under the life fall (man)

    We expected too much…

    As condor flight ☆5

    There was big Bali near AXE carved seal mark of shaft part
    As for the contact sound of flight, as for me, there is loud sound in other manufacturers…

    So this time ☆It is 4 evaluations

  • Evaluation

    World nochammitsu (man)

    We sought this

    The flight to glisten shiningly glistened most at the place.
    Let alone the durability, may translucency, package of the appearance enter nothing unintentionally?
    We let you have such a question.
    Throw, dart which flew straight never disturbed the next throw.
    We really recommend.

  • Evaluation

    [email protected] (man)


    We purchase and we throw every day as 3~4 time, but, on 5th, do not feel like compromising at all.
    What we buy was good and wants to buy again.