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Entering three pieces of Fit flight plain fabric shape fitting flight Fit Flight dart flights

500 yen (tax-excluded)

25 points ※Point 5 times

Product cord fl-fit-502-
Shipment day indication 1-3 business days


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Product explanation

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We adopt push in method for durable flight that we did well. It is comfort to be easy to treat, and to cover from beginner to senior.

■New idea flight of COSMO DARTS original
It is characterized by four pieces of feathers which we did well of fleshy waist.
By COSMO DARTS original design, we remove useless parts entirely and succeed in securing of durability, strength.
It is flight to three-dimensionally mold proud of best sense of stability in Fit series.
In spite of being an abundance of shapes going away, it is one featuring numerousness of the color variations.

■One set: Entering three
■Shape: Standard/shape/supermarket shape/teardrop/supermarket slim /W shape/Kite /F shape
■Color: White/natural grip/black /D black/pink/magenta /L blue /D blue/red/purple/orange/yellow/green
※There is not magenta collar to shape product of Kite /F shape.

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