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[product for beginners] With first brass dart set 899 yen CONDOR flight tip dart case

818 yen (tax-excluded)

40 points ※Point 5 times

Product cord set-begginer-01
Shipment day indication 1-3 business days

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If can play immediately, and hesitate; this!
Dart set for beginners who are good to introduction to dart!

There are quite popular CONDOR flight that flight was united with shaft, spare parts including tip and, let alone dart, is at this price!
It is dart set of high-quality lineup to be possible because it is famous brand.

Because want to begin dart casually, of deficit readiness at this price; is about 78%OFF
We provide for special 899 yen!
Designs cannot be chosen for cost cut, but are trouble pear for play really.

[set contents]
1.One set of brass dart (entering three) for beginners
It is torpedo-shaped brass dart which it is easy to throw.
For light material, it is barrel which tries for the first time, and is thrown lightly without useless power entering.

※It becomes one set of barrel simple substance (flight, tip are not attached).
※There may be slight wounds which were possible in the case of production for cost cut. Thank you for your understanding.

Materials: Brass
Greatest dimension: About 8.4mm
Full length: About 48mm
Barrel weight: About 15.4 g

2.One set of CONDOR (condor) flight (entering three)
Built-in flight condor to be able to enjoy dart without stress as flight comes off during game, and screw does not loosen.
※Size, design are not available.

3.20 CONDOR (condor) tips
"Zero stress CONDOR tip" that we realized simply because it was high quality that was all particular about domestic production in Japan until design, die production, material, production.
※Color is not available.

4.Dart case with carabiner
We just place dart set and can carry!
Convenient dart case which it is with carabiner and hangs and can use.

Product of four kinds of 27 points enters in total.

※Please note that it becomes the end as soon as it reaches the number of the sale.
※We may change set contents without notice.
※Color of products, designation of size are not possible.

★For 'not quite perfect' product, we cannot accept return of goods, exchange except clear damage at all. Please buy after understanding beforehand.

★For hyperdrive product, large orders in one may be not accepted.

★This product, please note that supplier becomes inapplicable.
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  • Evaluation


    We are superior in cost performance

    To friend who will begin dart together from now on
    We purchase as present.
    It is very light for brass
    As it is torpedo, capital of finger is good, too.
    Flight, tip of the formation type are paid, too
    It cannot but say that it is special to be this price.
    But when we neglect care
    To corrode immediately, unlike tungsten barrel
    Because we did not grasp the point
    We have let you corrode hurriedly
    As attached case cannot let carabiner go through
    It is thought that you should prepare case separately.

  • Evaluation


    Cost performance

    We get our money's worth only for condor flight, condor tip and think that it is advantageous
    Beginner is thankful for not getting flight.

  • Evaluation



    Price that is just right for oneself who just began dart.

  • Evaluation


    We thought that it was good and bought

    We think that it is good and bought, but it is toy-like and is not usable to leave over either

  • Evaluation

    Irregularity native (man)

    To friend

    Friend seems to begin dart
    We purchased!
    It is present!
    Guide toshitehasaikou!

  • Evaluation

    gyapumou (man)

    Set for considerably bargain beginners

    We bought beginner set in some shops, but do not push at all forward as this set has condor flight. As flight does not easily come off, there is very little stress. We are going to still recommend to friend if there are any stock